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Mahila Mohalla Foundation

Mahila Mohalla is a platform for Women to come together, share their joys and sorrows, and to provide support to each other. We want to promote digital literacy in women at grassroots level, and create awareness about issues that matter to them. We aim to re-create the ‘Mohalla-like atmosphere’ where women used to share their joys and sorrows, and every resident of the Mohalla was a pillar of support to each other.

We have Area Specific WhatsApp Groups for Women. Each Group comprises of Doctor, Advocate, Police official, Cybercrime Expert, Local Women Leaders of various Political Parties and Women of that Area. IF you are a Woman and want to be a Pillar of Support to your Fellow Countrywomen, also if you want to stay Informed, stay Alert, stay Empowered, join our Group, WhatsApp your request giving details of your Name, Age, Profession, if any and Area.

WhatsApp Number : 9654308770


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